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High-Performance Kickstart

✧Reclaim Your Calm ✧

✧Improve Focus ✧

✧Become Highly Productive✧

Do you often wonder how highly-successful

people do it all:

>> run multiple multi-million dollar businesses,

>> are visible everywhere,

>> seem to be happy, relaxed and not stressed

>> while most of all having time for self-care and their loved ones?

If you think it's impossible, then you're a lot like me 3 years ago.... when I was slowly burning out from work and not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.


  • High-performance kickstart

    ✧Reclaim Your Calm ✧

    ✧Improve Focus ✧

    ✧Become Highly Productive✧

    through the DREAM-PLAN-DO framework

    Do you feel like you’re crazy busy every day, constantly working in your business but somehow not accomplishing much?

    Are you feeling stressed with the day-to-day chaos of constantly having to put out fires?

    Do you feel overwhelmed by your constantly growing and never-ending to-do list, and never having enough time to finish all of it or any of it for that matter?

    Then, you procrastinate and get distracted spending waaaay too much time binge-watching Netflix, scrolling through social media, playing games from the App Store, or maybe shopping online because you want to avoid all the chaos.

    Are you exhausted because you spend your days feeling like you're spinning your wheels but you can't stop?

    What if you could turn all those feelings around and put a stop to the day-to-day craziness in just 4 weeks?

    I know that it almost seems too good to be true, because in reality most people don’t know how to be highly productive and barely anyone teaches it either ...


    Just the other day one of my clients was telling me this story from their life:

    Maggie, I remember being in high school and asking my guidance counsellor how to be highly productive and how to properly manage my time. She shrugged her shoulders and said, 'Just manage your time better. Make a schedule.'

    Slow. Clap.

    The more faculty I spoke to, the more it became clear that no one really knew how to be highly productive or manage their time. No one ever teaches it, either. It’s just left to us as individuals to figure it out for ourselves and either find something that works or leave success on the table.

    Your framework is the education none of us received on how to actually be successful in all areas of your life.

    I wish I found out about you ages ago. It would have saved me from a lot of suffering and struggling. In this case, it’s true what they say — it’s better late than never — because it feels like I’m finally beginning my life and finally starting to live and I’m so grateful for it, even if it came later in my life.


    If you're ready to feel less stressed and be calmer everyday...

    if you want to achieve more by working less...

    If you want to feel more grounded, focused and present in everything you do...

    And if you want to live a happier life...

    Then the High Perfomance Kickstart

    program is for YOU!!

    Total Value $387

    Join today with the

    one-time only special launch

    offer of $157!

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    After trying every productivity strategy I read about online with lacklustre results, I found Maggie. In the same month I started receiving coaching from Maggie, I doubled my income even in the midst of a family emergency. In the second month and after another family emergency, I doubled my income again. In the third month, I maintained my new income level, hired a staff member, and scheduled myself completely for the month ahead with plans to expand my business and do some more hiring. Beyond that, she completely revamped my brain and I feel like I can achieve even my loftiest goals.


    founder of WP Pros(e)

    High-Performance Kickstart

    Reclaim Your Calm, Become More Focused & Highly Productive

    It's not just a bunch of productivity and time management tools thrown randomly together.

    It’s also not just scattered tips that you can find for free everywhere but if you try them out, they don't really work for you when you try them out.

    Over the last few years,

    I have designed and

    perfected the High-Performance

    DREAM ✧ PLAN ✧ DO framework to deliver results!

    It allowed me to excel at my demanding corporate role, start and grow my coaching business, to have time for my family as well as myself. I’m able to do the things I love such as give back to my community, travel and be in nature.

    It helped my clients go through amazing transformations. They went from being stressed, always running and never accomplishing much to doing what they love or tripling their income while feeling more happy, relaxed and having more time for themselves, and their loved ones.

    Now, the High-Performance Kickstart is here to help you!

    This 4 weekly group coaching program based on

    DREAM ✧ PLAN ✧ DO 

    framework will allow you to:

    Get rid of bad habits that are stealing your precious time right now

    Establish your unique morning and evening routine that will set the foundation for peacefully productive days that make you feel less stressed and more joyful regularly.

    Change your mindset about high-productivity and learn how to work smarter not harder.

    You'll also learn how to be proactive so you can greatly reduce the amount of fires you have to put out every day.

    Just imagine your productivity increased

    2, 4 or even 10-fold

    and the results you'd get if

    this happened.

    Just imagine seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and having more time for doing what you really want.

    Most of all, you'll learn how to strengthen your mindset to have it work for you, not against you.


    Hello! Just wanted to thank you Maggie for helping me sort out my life and improve my productivity by being more conscious on how i leverage my time more effectively Being a Mom of two toddlers, who doesn't seem to be out of energy from early morning to late at night ,while starting a business is pretty overwhelming! But since working with Maggie , specially regarding Time Management, I'm happy to say that Im more at peace because I know i already mapped out my weekly activities and which ones to prioritize to do, I'm able to do more stuff without running in circles or wasting precious time anymore

    Frances D.

    Pinterest Strategist

    Maggie Perotin has truly been the spark I needed to finally declutter my mind and set my priorities from a place of calm and focus on my end goal. In just an hour a week, (…) I was able to make the shift to more productive activities for the benefit of my personal brand and mental health. Of all of our achievements together, I KNOW HOW TO PLAN MY WEEK! My month, even! Without feeling stressed overwhelmed. Maggie gave me the confidence and tools to do that. And she does it with so much grace and patience. (…) Maggie is a professional and understanding mentor with the ability to remain encouraging while holding you accountable for the goals. She (…) is an absolute joy to work with. In our time together, I’ve gone from having no plan to being better able to choose what to say no to based on whether or not it aligned with my overall goals. That shift is priceless to me. She’s made me feel capable of achieving so much. I can’t recommend partnering with Maggie enough!

    Jasmine Petite

    Louisiana US

    Are you ready to make a decision that will transform your business and life?

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    Meet Maggie

    Maggie Perotin is a business and leadership coach. She's passionate about helping women grow wildly successful businesses while living the balanced and harmonious lives of theirs dreams.

    Through her DREAM ✧ PLAN ✧ DO coaching model, she helps women reach their full potential and get results in their business.

    A few years back, Maggie almost got burned out in her corporate job, which led her to discovering high-performance methods and techniques. She invested in mentorship from highly successful entrepreneurs that allowed her to not only be more effective in her job, but also helped her work less, start her passion-based coaching business, sign-up for an online executive MBA (her long-time dream!), volunteer, and still have time for self-care and raising her young family.

    Maggie has over 13 years of coaching and leadership experience in the corporate world in various domains. She holds the Facility Management Administration designation, a master's degree in international relations, and is currently pursuing an Executive MBA.

    She is an executive contributor to the Brainz Magazine.

    Maggie lives with her blended family of 4 kids in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada.

    She is a self-development geek who loves reading. She adores spending time with her family in nature, travelling and cooking healthy meals.

    Her mission is to help you achieve your full potential while living a balanced and fulfilling life. She's excited to share her proven high-performance system with you so, you too, can experience an amazing transformation and live fully, like she had started to a few years ago.

    With much love,


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